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Black Lives Matter

Security is something that many of us take for granted.

The security to visit friends and family.

The security to walk around our neighborhoods.

The security to pursue our own happiness.

But security is not equal.

Your age, your race, your gender, who you love – all make a difference.

Inequality is a burden that strangles communities and nowhere is it felt more than in black communities across America.


George Floyd is yet one more name added to the impossible burden that black communities have been expected to carry for centuries.

A burden of prejudice, fear and injustice that is systemic throughout our society.

We know George Floyd’s name but there are millions more that we do not.

It has to end.


Our community and communities across America are hurting with a pain that feels impossible to heal.


Now is not the time for silence, now is the time for solidarity.


Black Lives Matter.
Black Voices Matter.
Black Experiences Matter.


Here are Ways You can Help

Listen, Learn, Change


Sign a Petition

Support Black Creators & Business Owners

Educate Yourself on the Issue

Stand Up for All Discrimination when you Come Across It


We recognize the lack of diversity and inequality rampant in the fashion industry and want you to know that we are a big supporter of helping change that and advocate for more diversity and representation in the fashion industry. We embrace what makes each of us who we are.

In Solidarity - Amy and Karen of amren tulano

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