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Mask Match Campaign!

Mask Match Campaign! Make masks for healthcare workers and get FREE amren tulano gift cards! Because of the growing scarcity of essential medical supplies, we’ve been stitching and distributing DIY cotton masks to hospitals facing extreme shortages through the We Can Sew It! Campaign group — and we need your help! If hundreds of us sew lower-grade masks together, we can make thousands of much needed masks for health care facilities across the country. We’re giving a $10 amren tulano Gift Card for every 10 masks which were made and donated.

DIY cotton masks with approved hospital designs are useful when used in conjunction with the right methods to help free up medical supplies for personnel taking care of COV-19 patients, as well as provide last resort protection for places that no longer have enough supplies. These DIY masks must have a design that includes a filter insertion by the hospital or be used in conjunction with a protective face mask for optimum protection. We want to inform you that wearing just a DIY mask is NOT an effective protectant against COV-19. Below, we include some places that have mask patterns available to you and an organization to donate it to.

With the power of our amren tulano community in action, we will save lives together. Share this page and offer to anyone you know is interested that can help spread the word or help sew. Sew your masks and then follow the steps below to claim your gift card! Thank you for all you do! We are in this together.

To Claim Gift Cards:

  1. Sew Masks: You can choose to sew masks for We Can Sew It! like we have or you can choose to sew masks to donate to your local hospitals, to Joann’s, or any other places in need. You can get the mask patterns at these sites also.
  2. Take a photo of your finished masks and upload to social media of your choice with the following tags: #masksforhealthcareworkers #masks #amrentulano #maskmatch
  3. Send an email with the link to your post and how many masks you made so we can email you your e-gift card! We are matching 1:1 for every mask you make in increments of 10, so for 10 masks, you get a $10 gift card, for 20 masks, you get a $20 gift card. No expiration Date, usable anywhere we sell! (
  4. Donate your masks! Remember to follow the rules of social distancing if you drop them off to a facility. You can mail them also if the facility allows it.

Thank you all for all you do!! Together we can make a difference!

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